360° VR Camera

Virtual Reality / VR

The VR, which is called Virtual Reality, to describe the 360 degree video.

360 degree video is known as round video.
At the same time a view of each side is recorded, this video was first released on YouTube in 2015.  Users can watch around 360 degrees in here.  In this case, the user will have to touch and rotate the display.
The popularity of the 360 degree video has been increasing steadily.

In this series, Facebook added 360 degree video feature in 2015 . They publishes 360-degree reference design for camera system and they have announced that 1 million plus 360-degree videos have been uploaded on Facebook since 2017...

There are several companies  360-degree camera available on the market 

like as-

⇛ Gopro 360°
⇛ Acer Holo 360°
⇛ Samsung gear 360°
⇛ Nikon KeyMission 360°

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