Everlasting slavery !

Who does not want freedom? In one word everyone can say yes we all want freedom. All the nations love freedom, because they want peace. After much effort, our region was freed from British rulers.

We only wanted peace. But even after independence from the British we were subordinated.After British departure, Pakistan was knocking on our neck.We have given our lives for our language, Bengali language. We have freed ourselves from Pakistan for a little peace.

Millions of people gave their lives to split Pakistan and Bangladesh.
After nine months of bloody  war, this country becomes independent. .It's been almost fifty years since our independence.During the war many countries were on our side and many countries were against us.They have participated directly or indirectly.Many people from Bangladesh took shelter in India during the war.Many in India take the training of war and come back home and they fight for the country.We are grateful to India for help during the war.
I am also grateful to those who gave their precious life to the country. I wish for the forgiveness of their souls.

 About 50 years ! A long time has passed.There have been many changes in the country.We have achieved a lot in this long time.But sadly one thing we have not got yet...
When the British ruled us, we were worthless servants to them.During the rule of Pakistan we became protesters.Because of this protest, we were able to become independent.But the practice of slavery of others remained in us.
One thing, In this era, Dr. Zakir Naik's immense contribution to the promotion of Islam is unparalleled.Many people have accepted Islam as a result of his lecture.So, It was a matter of great concern for the Indian government.So the Indian government put him out of the country.Because it is a threat to its country.Peace TV was closed in India,So that people can not know about Islam.

On the other hand, Bangladesh is a Muslim country and 92 %  of the people are Muslim.So it was good for us. It was Harmful for India &  beneficial for us .
But in 2017, the government of Bangladesh stopped Peace TV. Because the Indian government has asked to stop the Peace TV and we closed it.
 A non-muslim government is telling a muslim government to banned peace tv ,which is promoting   peace, fighting against terrorism.
 Why ?
It's not good for us at all.Is not it slavery? I think the restriction on Peace TV in Bangladesh should be withdrawn immediately.

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