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  Pakistani forces attacked the Bangalis on the night of 25 March.Then the war begins.With whatever they have, they jumped and fought in the war.The battle lasted for nine months.It was widespread, many losses were lost, many lost their lives, many lost their relatives.Many people took refuge from India from Bangladesh.There they trained guerilla and returned here and fighting for the
country.They have been fighting, and they have not cared about life.There we were forced to hold arms when our back was on the wall.We did not have any way that day.We really did not have to do something without war.Because the Pakistani forces were killing our people wherever they could.

They behaved very disgusting with us and we were forced to fight.They killed our old men and killed the children and they were very interested in women,  homes were burning by fire, many were burnt alive  there...We grab the weapons to resist them.We got together and started to resist them.The Pakistanis came and camped in our area.We kept burning their camps.

Our freedom fighters were not trained.So it was very difficult for us to resist them.
Because we did not know how to drive weapons and we did not have any war aircraft. They   throw bombs from the airplane.We shot them to crash their planes.We used to hide during the day without eating  .
 Finally, we got freedom in the favor of Allah.
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