This is my New Dawn "Fanush Online Shop"

Again we started the new journey of the "Fanush Online Shop"

One evening, I was sitting by the dark side of road with Arafat and Shahriar. And that's where our plan started.....

Something must be done, How long will I continue with my father's money?Let us start with something, what happens next.?
Thinking about printing a t-shirt. Yes it's a great idea at our place . Because every six months a large number of students graduate from our college and Festival or Student's farewell ceremony is held , so We can earn big amount from them.
So let's start with this, yes, this is the final.

For the first time, I ordered a 14 piece T-shirt as a sample and I was able to sell them in a short time. But it was a little troublesome to bring them in and print them out. After a few months we started again.I hope we will succeed in this journey.This time we decided to sell our products on Facebook. Because for us or in our view it is a very large marketplace where we can easily attract the customer's attention. Except for some of our friends, many do not know that we are doing business.We have opened the "Funush Online Shop" on Facebook to let everyone know and sell more. 

We are optimistic we will get some products in the first week of August and  then will we be able to reach the product to the buyers. Many people tell us their needs and we hope to be able to confirm their order soon. 

We started out with only T-shirts, but within a few days we would start selling cosmetics and other products. I hope to keep products like soap, toothpaste, face-wash, shampoo etc..
We haven't boosted our Facebook page yet but this page will be boosted after our first product arrives.So for those who read this post, if you want to order something from our page then of course you can order. There is no question that the page follower is low.We strive to give our customer the best possible service. 

Some time ago we were working on a voice control project but we couldn't finish it yet due to the shortage of time but I will finish it within a few days.

Delivery is given all over Bangladesh
However,,,you can visit ফানুস- 'Fanush' Online Shop

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