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After the partition of the Indian subcontinent, we separated from Pakistan in 1971 . Born in Bangladesh began to lead an independent path and 48 years passed. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman led the Liberation War. The dream was to build an independent Bangladesh, to stop unjust corruption. After independence, the neighboring state of India began to hold on to Bangladesh.We have to overcome many obstacles. I remember an incident, the population of Bangladesh was only 7 million at that time and Seven million blankets came from other countries as donations to Bangladesh. Bad thing was that ordinary people didn't get their fair blanket.What is interesting is that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman himself did not get his own blanket. It was really a thought to have a blanket for everyone.But the blanket did not come to seven million?- Yes, there were seven million, but the officers &leaders  had stolen the blankets. That is, just after independence, the thieves started chit in this country.

One thing to keep in mind is that, A normal thief can only steal mobiles, watches, wallets but a ruling or educated thief can easily occupy another's land with the rub of a pen. But in this country ordinary thieves are imprisoned and In society, well-educated  thieves live with best honor.!
Then in the twenty-first century, the tide of development began in Bangladesh.These educated thieves put billions of money at pockets in the name of development. This thieves have great position in bangladesh. Yes, they are the minister-MP and chairman in this country!
Even to put the budget allocated for development into the pocket,road or school welding, bambo have been found to use.However, now it's not too long...

We have found freedom through a bloody clash at 71 to lead a beautiful life.Then our freedom became much more dire than we needed it to be. At present, Bangladesh knows nothing about the terrible conspiracy of those whose hands are moving forward.India had planned for us when we started the war of independence.Their plan was to establish a united India, Where the reign of Ram will be established. It's been almost 50 years of independence, During this time India has set there's people at different stages of Bangladesh. Now we come to such a place,we can't come back from here if  we want. About 15 years ago, a popular politician in the country said that "The devastating disaster of Bangladesh, if we do not protest this situation, such a dark night is waiting for the people of Bangladesh, it's impossible to be dawn. And today in 2019, that is true.Today, India controlling about 50% of Bangladesh .Yes! it is true.

So long, everything was behind the scenes, but on that day, Priya Saha expressed through her speech the attitude of Hindu society about Bangladesh. Her speech on that day is certainly treason. A barrister, a supporter of the Bangladesh Awami League, went to file a case against Priya Saha. The court of this country did not take the case because of the direction given by their Embassy. This is the worst situation today but the leftist media in this country is completely silent. If any news is given to them against the Hindus or against India, the news is not published in this country.They are controlling the media of this country. The threat comes from the Indian Embassy if there is any news against them.

   This is a Muslim country, but they control the media of this country, that is why some time ago they did not publicize the incident of burning a mosque in Brahmanbaria. The Imam of the Mosque posts a documentary about the burned Mosque.The next day, Bangladesh police arrest him. He was seeking justice through his post. But those accused have not yet been arrested.If the temple was set on fire, not in the mosque, then all the media in this country would have come for news.
Here was also their embassy instruction. If the atheism media on the one side and all the dogs in this country on the other side are kept there,  this media will be overweight.

Those who say we are the power of the party of freedom, they are the new Razakar of this age. If their plans fail, they will have to account for everything they do today. If not, it's their fate, but if you have to answer, it will be so bad, so bad  for you that you could never think. Indian aggression has begun in the extreme stages of the country.

Many Indian ministers have said at different times that Delhi's rule will be established in this country too. Many Hindus in this country are also talking about establishing a single India. The owner of Shyamoli Transport has announced that he will not return to Bangladesh unless India is one.
Maybe she is going to take revenge on his father's murder from the Bengali. We needed independence for sovereignty, not for power, not for political survival. It's better not to talk too much....

They are now trying to occupy Kashmir, India on one side of Kashmir, Pakistan on the other side, so Kashmiri people can take shelter in Pakistan during their time of danger.Bangladesh is supporting India during this difficult time in Kashmir. This occupation of India will come upon Bangladesh, then we will understand. India is on all three sides of Bangladesh, coast to one side, In danger, we have nowhere to escape except the sea. A very bad day awaits for this nation. Freedom is harder to defend than achieving independence. But if we ourselves are not vigilant in protecting our freedom, then a terrible day is coming, we do not have the strength to resist.

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